Deep Builders Limited

Waruiru Dedan Kinuthia, serving as an engineer at Deep Builders Contractors Limited, brings a wealth of expertise in civil engineering to the company’s diverse portfolio of projects. Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering, he plays a pivotal role in various aspects of project execution and management.

Within his capacity, Waruiru oversees crucial structural elements such as foundations, drainage systems, and road levels in road construction projects. His meticulous supervision ensures that projects meet stringent quality standards and adhere closely to specifications.

Additionally, Waruiru is actively involved in general site supervision, ensuring that construction activities progress seamlessly and efficiently. He meticulously compiles daily activity and weekly progress reports, providing invaluable insights into project status and milestones.

Waruiru’s proficiency extends to the preparation of tender documents, where he leverages his analytical skills to assess project requirements and formulate competitive bids. He also conducts comprehensive analysis of project progress, preparing detailed reports to track performance and identify areas for improvement.

With a background spanning both public and private sector organizations, Waruiru has gained hands-on experience across a variety of projects. His tenure as a Structural Engineer attaché involved contributing to progress reporting, surveying, and quality control of concrete works.

Similarly, in his role as a Civil Engineer, Waruiru was responsible for the supervision and inspection of road works, surveying, and materials testing. His experience also includes roles where he assisted in site supervision, payroll preparation, and quality control.

Waruiru has contributed to notable projects within Deep Builders Contractors Limited, including initiatives such as the construction of various infrastructure projects. His dedication to excellence and keen attention to detail make him an invaluable asset to the engineering team, driving our company’s commitment to delivering exceptional results in every endeavor.

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