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Project Name: Rehabilitation of Old Mombasa (A104) Road - Bamburi Section


Deep Builders Contractors Limited embarked on the rehabilitation of a 1.5-kilometer section of the Old Mombasa (A104) Road in the Bamburi area. The project involved upgrading the existing road to rigid pavement reinforced with concrete to improve durability, traffic flow, and overall road safety.

Rehabilitation of Old Mombasa (A104) Road - Bamburi Section
Rehabilitation of Old Mombasa (A104) Road - Bamburi Section

Scope of Work

  1. Road Rehabilitation:

    • Removal of existing pavement and preparation of the roadbed for reconstruction.
    • Installation of sub-base and base layers to provide a stable foundation for the new pavement.
    • Construction of reinforced concrete pavement using high-strength concrete and steel reinforcement.
    • Placement and finishing of concrete pavement to achieve specified dimensions and surface smoothness.
  2. Traffic Management:

    • Implementation of traffic control measures to minimize disruptions and ensure the safety of road users during construction.
    • Provision of alternative routes and detours to divert traffic away from the construction area when necessary.
    • Coordination with local authorities and stakeholders to manage traffic flow and mitigate inconvenience to the community.
  3. Stormwater Drainage:

    • Design and installation of stormwater drainage systems to prevent water accumulation and maintain road integrity.
    • Construction of culverts, catch basins, and drainage channels to efficiently convey stormwater runoff away from the road surface.
Rehabilitation of Old Mombasa (A104) Road - Bamburi Section
Rehabilitation of Old Mombasa (A104) Road - Bamburi Section

Technical Analysis

  1. Pavement Design:

    • Utilization of engineering principles and standards to design a rigid pavement system capable of withstanding heavy traffic loads and environmental conditions.
    • Incorporation of appropriate concrete mix designs, reinforcement layouts, and joint spacing to enhance pavement durability and performance.
  2. Construction Techniques:

    • Deployment of modern construction equipment and techniques to expedite project progress while ensuring quality and precision.
    • Implementation of quality control measures, including material testing, thickness verification, and compaction monitoring, to maintain pavement integrity.
  3. Project Management:

    • Appointment of experienced project managers to oversee all aspects of the rehabilitation project, including planning, scheduling, budgeting, and resource allocation.
    • Regular monitoring and reporting of project progress, milestones, and challenges to stakeholders to facilitate informed decision-making and timely adjustments.

Duration: The rehabilitation of the Old Mombasa (A104) Road – Bamburi Section was scheduled for completion within an 18-month timeframe. This duration allowed for comprehensive planning, meticulous execution, and effective coordination of construction activities to ensure project objectives were met within the specified timeframe.

Conclusion: Through the rehabilitation of the Old Mombasa (A104) Road – Bamburi Section, Deep Builders Contractors Limited demonstrated its commitment to delivering infrastructure improvements that enhance connectivity, safety, and quality of life for the community. The project’s successful completion, utilizing advanced engineering techniques and stringent quality control measures, underscores the company’s reputation for excellence and reliability in the industry.

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