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Project Name: Upgrading of Ololunga-Mekenyo Road to Bitumen Standard


 Deep Builders Contractors Limited undertook the upgrading and maintenance project for the Ololunga-Mekenyo Road in Narok County. The project involved transforming the existing gravel road into a bitumen-standard road to improve connectivity, enhance transportation efficiency, and promote economic development in the region. Additionally, the company was responsible for the ongoing maintenance of the road to ensure its long-term durability and usability.

Deep builders Upgrading of Ololunga-Mekenyo Road to Bitumen Standard
Ololunga-Mekenyo Road to Bitumen Standard

Scope of Work

  1. Road Upgrading:

    • Widening and leveling of the existing gravel road to accommodate the bitumen standard design.
    • Construction of a stable road base using suitable aggregates and soil stabilization techniques to support the new pavement structure.
    • Application of bituminous binder and asphalt layers to create a durable and smooth driving surface capable of withstanding heavy traffic loads.
  2. Drainage and Culvert Construction:

    • Design and installation of drainage systems, including culverts, ditches, and cross drains, to manage surface water runoff and prevent erosion.
    • Construction of culverts and bridges at key locations to facilitate the passage of watercourses and maintain road integrity during periods of heavy rainfall.
  3. Road Maintenance:

    • Routine inspection and maintenance of the upgraded road to address wear and tear, potholes, and surface defects.
    • Regular grading, patching, and resurfacing activities to preserve the road’s structural integrity and ensure a safe and smooth driving experience for motorists.
Ololunga-Mekenyo Road to Bitumen Standard
Ololunga-Mekenyo Road to Bitumen Standard

Technical Analysis

  1. Pavement Design and Construction:

    • Collaboration with engineering consultants to develop a pavement design suitable for the anticipated traffic volumes, soil conditions, and environmental factors.
    • Utilization of advanced construction equipment, such as asphalt pavers and rollers, to achieve proper compaction and smoothness of the asphalt layers.
  2. Drainage Engineering:

    • Incorporation of hydrological analysis and hydraulic design principles to optimize the road drainage system and minimize the risk of water-related damage.
    • Installation of erosion control measures and slope stabilization techniques to protect the road embankments and adjacent land from erosion and landslides.

Duration: The upgrading and maintenance project for the Ololunga-Mekenyo Road had a duration of 4 years. This extended timeframe allowed for the phased implementation of construction activities, including road upgrading, drainage installation, and ongoing maintenance, to ensure quality outcomes and long-term sustainability.

Conclusion: Through the upgrading to bitumen standard and ongoing maintenance of the Ololunga-Mekenyo Road, Deep Builders Contractors Limited played a vital role in enhancing transportation infrastructure and promoting socio-economic development in Narok County. The company’s commitment to quality construction, efficient project management, and proactive maintenance practices contributed to the successful completion of the project and the provision of a reliable and resilient road network for the local community.

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