Deep Builders Limited

Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP) Installation and Erosion/Slope Retention

Material Selection and Procurement

Fabrication and Installation Techniques

Erosion Control Strategies

Retaining Structure Construction

Duration – 6 Months

Rehabilitation of Old Mombasa (A104) Road - Bamburi Section

Pavement Design

Construction Techniques

Project Management

Duration – 18 Months

Gabions Installation for Erosion and Slope Retention in Makueni County

Gabion Design and Engineering

Utilization of skilled labor

Mesh specifications and stone gradation

Duration – 16 Months

Kinangop Land Surveying and Feasibility Study

Surveying Techniques

Feasibility Analysis

GIS technology

Computer-aided design (CAD) software model and simulation

Duration – 2 Weeks

Subdivision of Plots at Kalumani/Mnyenzeni

Surveying and Mapping

Establish cadastral records

Infrastructure Design and Construction

optimized for durability, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness.

Duration – Ongoing

Upgrading of Ololunga-Mekenyo Road to Bitumen Standard

Pavement Design and Construction

Utilization of advanced construction equipment

Drainage Engineering

Hydraulic design principles

Duration – 4 Years

Pangani Heights - Residential Skyscraper Construction

Structural Engineering

Utilization of computer-aided design (CAD) software

Quality Control

Material selection, fabrication, and installation

Duration – Ongoing

Wastewater Reclamation Facility (WRF) at Konza City

Wastewater Treatment Technologies

Utilization of cutting-edge wastewater treatment technologies

Compliance with Environmental Regulations

Monitoring and testing protocols

Duration – 24 Months

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